About Us


We believe in being different and unique. OmniWear is a brand for everyone, those who like to stand out and those that don't, but for everyone that challenges the status quo. Why fit in with the masses that wear similar apparel, when you can show your personality and wear unique designs?

Think about this for a second, imagine if Tomas Edison didn't challenge the status quo if he didn't embrace his differences and his unique personality. The world would be a very dark place, being different allows for creativity, innovation and ideas that were never previously thought of.

At Omni, our core belief and goal is to create products that are vibrant, and exclusive that in turn allow you to stand out, and to be an individual. While welcoming anyone and everyone to the Omni collective. Because there is nothing wrong with being different.

So be different, be unique, be creative, be whoever the hell you want to be.